Taipei 101

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Another regular lunch brought us to the Taipei 101 restaurant opposite Queensbay Mall. This time, we have 4 mouths to feed and satisfy.

The first dish is the Popcorn Chicken Rice (盐酥鸡饭, RM7.50). Popcorn chicken is essentially small popcorn-sized chicken bits, deep fried in boiling oil. This meal is served with a soy egg (卤蛋), soup and rice.
Likewise, the Popcorn Chicken Noodle (盐酥鸡面, RM7.50) is the noodle version of the previous dish, where the rice is substituted with noodles. I have no qualms with less bea sprouts, but the amount of noodles is quite disappointing.
As for the bento set Deep Fried Pork Rib Rice (花莲炸排骨饭, RM7.90), it is not much closer to satisfactory. The pork rib cutlets are tough to chew upon. I am also convinced that the food portion has shrunk over the months.
Trying something different, the Old Cucumber Spare Rib Soup (黄瓜排骨酥汤, RM7.50) is probably the lesser among the evils. This dish consists of a bowl of old cucumber soup with little pork, a plate of braised vegetable and a bowl of rice. Although not terrible per se, it is just a normal dish yet overpriced.
As for the drinks, we had the Pearl Milk Tea (招牌珍珠奶茶, RM3.90), Nut Coffee (咖啡, RM4.90), Green Apple Pearl Milk Tea (青苹果珍珠奶茶, RM3.90) and Papaya Milk Shake (木瓜牛奶, RM4.50).
I wish Taipei 101 starts to realize that its food (in terms of taste and quantity) is going downhill. If this trend continues, we probably cease to be regulars and need to dine elsewhere.

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