Taiwan Bull

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

I am curious on how the Taiwanese popularized the beef noodles dish. Anyway, it seems that our shores have welcomed the arrival with open arms.

Taiwan Bull in Queensbay Mall is one restaurant which is riding on the crest of this upcoming wave. However, it is locally based, not related to any Taiwanese franchise.

For starters, I ordered the Golden Fillet (黄金鱼柳, RM3.90). This appetizer came in two types: the deep-fried crispy roll containing fish fillet and vegetable dumplings. The taste was just so-so. It's not something we see often, I'll give them that.
For the main meal, I ordered the Hot & Spicy Minced Beef Rice (麻辣牛肉炸酱饭, RM8.90). The rice was drenched with spicy minced beef, but it's not as spicy as I expected. It also came with a Taiwanese sweetened sausage, which was similar to those you can find at street carts. For the sides, there were hard boiled eggs, fish cakes and steamed vegetable. The soup was also included since this is a dry dish.
For drinks, I had the Taiwanese Milk Tea (台湾奶茶, RM3.50). Nothing special about it.

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