All Right! Western Food

Alright! Who is hungry? If Western food fits your palate, head over to All Right! Western Food at Hai Beng Cafe. The shop is located at Burmah Road, just across the SOCSO building. Although the shop is open for business throughout the day, the All Right! stall is only open for dinner.
The food at All Right! is reasonably cheap considering the serving portions. This is the perfect place to enjoy no-frills Western food. Sometimes all we need is just a nice steak to chew on. Unless it is a hot date, it is not always necessarily to enjoy the luxury of fancy silverware or live band performance.

Since it is our first visit, we wanted to try a little of everything. The Mixed Grill (RM22.50) fits this purpose. The meal is served in a large plate for a good reason. It comes with a piece of beef rib steak, a piece of chicken chop, a chicken sausage, a slice of ham, a sunny-side-up fried egg, fries and vegetable garnish. In other places, such a feast will ring over RM30.00, but this is not the case at All Right!.
In particular, I like how the beef rib steak is grilled to perfection. Firstly, the cutting must be perfect. Any thicker and it will be too tough to chew. Any thinner and it is easily overdone, making it dry and unappealing. The grilling is also good: Heated just the right amount so that center still retains the juicy meaty taste.
Satisfied with what we saw and tasted, we also ordered the Grilled Ribeye Steak (RM23.50). This dish is suitable for the most devoted beef-only purist. Once again, the price is too attractive to be true. But instead of debating conspiracy theories and UFOs, we enjoyed our time feasting instead.
Seeking something different, we also tried the Chicken Cordon Bleu (RM11.50). Cordon bleu is basically sliced ham coated with batter, then deep-fried till the batter is crispy and golden brown in color. Within layers of ham are several slices of cheddar cheese. If the cordon bleu is cooked properly, the cheese melts into a cheesy consistency. All Right! did a reasonably good job here, but I think it is slightly overcooked, making the cheese slightly dry and hardened.
Finally, the Spicy Mutton Soup (RM7.50) is another nice dish. Because the bowl is quite large and the stew is adequately thick in consistency, it can be a meal by itself. All Right! does not fail to impress us with the amount of mutton thrown into the mix. Overall, we liked the taste of the not-too-spicy curry stew. It's certainly a gastronomic treat!
For drinks, we ordered a Watermelon Fresh Fruit Juice (RM3.00), Soya Milk (RM1.70) and Barley Drink (RM1.30).
All Right! is quite a bargain when it comes to Western food. Be warned that the portions are quite generous. So come with an empty stomach, leave with a filled stomach (and relatively intact wallet)!


  1. Are there any other dishes apart from these?

    1. Yes, mostly Western dishes. I can't remember exactly because it has been a while since I visited. :-)