Ama Dessert

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Located at the ground level of Pan Palace Plaza (same building as Sunshine Lip Sin), Ama Dessert (阿嫲糖水舖) is quite easy to overlook. But the illusive place finally came to my knowledge and I decided to pay it a visit.
This dessert shop takes pride for its dessert delicacies. But since I have not had my dinner, I was delighted that there is a menu for proper meals too.
The Golden Deep Fried Spring Chicken (黄金童子鸡, RM12.50) looks appealing, so it is my choice for dinner tonight. For one half spring chicken, the price is really a bargain.
The chicken is cooked quite well. I like how the brown sauce penetrates through the meat, particularly the breast meat which is usually tricky. I guess some kind of marinate is necessary to pull off this feat. The dish is also served with some roast potatoes and steamed vegetables.
As for desserts, which is the main point why I came, I opted for the Ah Ma Tang Yuen (阿嫲汤圆, RM4.00). The dessert soup is made of tofu skin (腐竹) and is pleasant to my palate.
As for the tangyuan, it has black sesame fillings. It works pretty well with the tofu skin soup. There are 4 tangyuan balls in each serving, so I think the price is reasonable.
In summary, this is quite a nice and affordable place for desserts, or even proper meals.

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