Apex Coffee

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

The location of Apex Coffee is somewhat strange. Any F&B entrepreneur knows that location is very important. Apex Coffee is indeed facing the Bayan Lepas Expressway, one of the main traffic arteries in Penang island. However, the entrance is very inaccessible to motorists unless they are familiar with the area.
The place was deserted when I entered. This is usually not a good sign. Anyhow I still proceeded to place my order to see what this restaurant has to offer. The menu here is obviously modeled after OldTown White Coffee. The price range is also comparable.

Acknowledging the "recommended" symbols in the menu (a feature that I like and strongly urge menu designers to consider), I placed my order for the Nasi Ayam Masak Merah (RM9.00). The dish is comprised of a serving of nasi lemak (coconut milk rice), two pieces of chicken (breast and thigh) in curry and a bowl of soup.
The food portion is quite generous, but I think it is a bit of an overkill. There is no need to drench nearly the entire plate with curry gravy. I guess it doesn't matter to Apex Coffee if its business is poor, because there will be much leftovers by the end of the day anyway.
Taste-wise, it is more spicy than what I expected and am able to tolerate comfortably. Nevertheless, it is a nice gastronomic experience albeit lots of sweating. The chicken is also tender and flavorful, not to mention the amount served.
For drinks, I opted for the Mocha Ice Blended (RM7.00). It is too sweet for my taste buds, but to be fair, I should have asked for less sweetness beforehand. For its price, I was expecting something more presentable than a disposable plastic cup. Anyway, the quantity is quite disappointing and does not commensurate the price paid.
Overall, Apex Coffee does have its merits, but its awkward location may be a problem in the long term.

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