Breeks Cafe

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Breeks Cafe is one of the not-so-visible restaurants in Queensbay Mall. Located near the North wing at the 1st floor, the restaurant is not along the main shopping artery. Regardless, I decided to give it a try.
From the Asian Fusion menu, I ordered the Baked Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice (RM8.10). Imagining that it is something special, it is a dismay when the food is served! Basically, it consists of several chicken chunks braised in curry sauce, served with white rice and shredded carrots.
Despite its unappetizing look, I took a bite. Just when I thought it cannot be any worse, my naivety is proven wrong once more. The taste can be described as an epic failure! The chicken chunks themselves are tough and chewy, while the curry is dry and outright horrible!
Fortunately, the meal comes with a Coke drink. I must concede the fact that the carbonated drink is the highlight of the meal. When this happens to a restaurant, you can imagine how pathetic it is.

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