Dave's Deli

Located at the Lower Ground level of Queensbay Mall, just under and around the center escalator, Dave's Deli is a popular Western cafe among shoppers. The restaurant also provides a satisfaction guarantee, or the diner gets his/her money back. Having said that, the entrepreneurs must be confident of their food offering.

We started with the crowd-favorite Dave's Original 1/4 Roast Chicken (RM16.30). According to its menu description, the chicken is marinated in special herbs and spices for 24 hours, before being slowly roasted over fire.
The marinade is most pronounced by the delightful taste in the tender chicken flesh. In addition, the brown gravy prevents the meat from being too dry.

The dish is also served with mashed potato and coleslaw. In particular, I like the mashed potato side, especially while it is served hot. It also works very well with the brown gravy.
We also ordered a plate of Gourmet Meatballs (RM13.00). This dish is pretty similar to the former, except that the roast chicken is substituted with eight pieces of beef meatballs.

The meatballs themselves are quite tasty, but I feel that they are too small to give the distinctive "meat" taste. Instead, the meatballs are dominated by the brown gravy itself. A suggestion is to serve fewer but larger meatballs instead.
For drinks, we ordered the Peach Milk Shake (RM5.00) as well as the Ice Honey Lemon (RM3.35). The price is considered normal when considering the location of this restaurant.
Dave's Deli does have some reasonably attractive offerings, but it may be premature to conclude until we tried other dishes on the menu.

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