Gastronomic Kopitiam

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

From time to time, I take the effort to scour an area in search of new places to dine. While I was surveying the Sunway Tunas commercial area, I stumbled upon a new restaurant called Gastronomic Kopitiam Fusion Food (美食餐厅).
The restaurant looks modest. A small jar plant on the dining table can testify to that. But let's see what food the restaurant has to offer.
As usual, I typically go for something in the set meal menu. Today, my choice is the Spaghetti Lemon Fish (RM11.90). Served in a nice plate, the main dish consists of a piece of fish fillet and a decent amount of spaghetti pasta.
The fish drenched in lemon sauce is quite smooth in texture, unlike the "rubbery" feeling that is the hallmark of using stale fish. Or it may happen that Gastronomic Kopitiam received a fresh delivery of fish this morning, and today's fish is not representative of the usual taste. Nevertheless, I give the restaurant the benefit of doubt.
As for the spaghetti, it is just so-so in terms of taste. At the very least, the portion is decent, so I have no complains here.
There is also a small serving of mixed vegetable, such as green peas, carrots and corn.
The meal comes with a bowl of pumpkin soup and some bread. I find the soup quite rich and tasty.
Also included is a small cup of Ice Cream as dessert. It's nice that it comes with several slices of peach. What was the last time any restaurant serves complimentary ice cream with something more than just ice cream?
For drinks, I had Iced Lemon Tea (RM1.80). The server did not ask me, but it is not too sweet, just the way I wanted.
Overall, this place serves some pretty decent food at reasonable price. I will be back soon to try other items on the menu.

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