My colleagues and I have a department event later today morning. We were told to take our breakfast before assembly. So we dropped by McDonald's at Sungai Dua for a quick bite.

Coincidentally, the Triple Cheeseburger (RM11.20) was recently launched last week. I cannot resist the temptation to order one, just for the hell of it.
The Triple Cheeseburger is similar to the Double Cheeseburger, except that it has an extra beef patty and an extra slice of cheddar cheese. In other words, the stack consists of 3 beef patties, 3 slices of cheese and 2 pieces of hamburger bun.
Some onions and pickles are included in a messy fashion. Do not believe everything you see on the menu or on TV; they are "for illustration purpose only". I am not sure what kind of illustration is provided when the photo does not match with the actual product. But our lawyer friends always have a way around the long arm of the law.
My colleague does not want such a heavy meal, so she just ordered a Chicken Burger (RM3.50). Plain and simple. Sometimes this isn't a bad thing.

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