OldTown White Coffee

In search of hawker street food but indecisive where to go, fate destined me to head to OldTown White Coffee at E-Gate this morning.
It turns out the OldTown just revised its menu and today is the first day since. Indeed, the menu looks new, but the staple dishes that Malaysians have fallen in love with are still present.

However, I noticed that in addition to toasted bread with curry in the previous menu, the revised one also offers Curry Chicken Paratha (RM7.90). Basically, this dish comes consists of three pieces of paratha and a bowl of chicken curry.
Paratha is similar to roti canai in appearance and taste, but the former is usually smaller and thinner. Paratha can be considered the Indian ancestral origin of the localized roti canai. Considering the fact that roti canai is served in nearly every corner in Malaysia, I am not too surprised that OldTown is able to serve paratha of decent standard.
As for the curry chicken, it is far too oily than desired. The chicken pieces in the curry are reasonably tasteful, but they consist mainly of bones and fatty meat. Putting these aside, the curry itself is quite tasty due to rich coconut milk content.

For drinks, I ordered the Gula Melaka Cendol Soya Freeezy (RM7.50). It does not look as visually-appealing as the one in the menu. Then again, the photos in the menu are "for illustration purpose only". RM7.90 is rather costly for such a small cup of mostly-syrup drink.

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