Oxo Cafelab

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Located at the end of a row of shops near Queensbay Mall is the Oxo Cafelab, an upbeat cafe serving Western dishes. Alcohol is served too, but it is too early in day to drink, which we do not anyway.
The interior design looks pretty cozy. There is also a small stage for live music performances later in the night.
The set dinner promotion is available today, so it really helps us to narrow down our choices. Each set meal includes a main dish, a choice of salad or soup, a choice of drink, and ice cream as dessert.

Our first choice is the Itamemono Panfried Boneless Chicken Chop (RM17.90). The chicken chop itself is definitely well-marinated. The only complaint here is the small potion.
The chicken comes with some roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables. The potatoes taste quite well with the teriyaki sauce.
The next dish is the Fish Fillet, Emperor Prawns And Potato (RM17.90). Similarly, the dish is served with roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables.
Curiously, the prawns are wrapped in flour crepes before being deep-fried. This gives them extra crisp when chewed. The shell is also cooked, so it can be eaten if you are willing to introduce some chitin into your diet.
The fish fillet, enhanced by the butter sauce, has a smooth texture and is quite tasty. The citrus flavor also adds a whole level of dimension to our dining experience.
With some vacant space in our stomachs, we ordered some finger food too. The Gazelles Mild Paprika Chicken Wings (RM9.90) comes with 6 chicken wings. Despite its misleading name, this dish has nothing to do with gazelles from the savannas of Africa. The wings are slightly spicy due to chili pepper spices.
As mentioned before, each set meal includes Soup Of The Day (mushroom soup), Coffee or Tea, and a scoop of Ice Cream (we selected corn and yam flavors).
Overall, the food at Oxo Cafelab is quite decent. But if it were not because of the set dinner promotion, the pricing is not something that we can afford on a regular basis.

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