Pinang Fisherman Wharf

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Pinang Fisherman Wharf (东海渔村餐厅) is a Chinese restaurant in Sunshine Square. Although its food may not be comparable to the likes of Dragon-i, it still has some reasonably nice dishes to offer at very affordable prices.
For the month of September, Pinang Fisherman Wharf is rolling out its Super Value Set Lunch. Given a price tag of RM9.80, the meal consists of three predetermined dishes sufficient for two persons, making this a really attractive bargain. This offer is only available on weekdays, presumably because the restaurant wants to attract more customers when business is slower.

The first dish is the Belacan Fried Chicken (马来栈炸鸡翅), which consists of 3 wingettes and 2 drumettes. The chicken is cooked in a crispy batter infused with belacan (shrimp paste). This dish is very appetizing and can beat Colonel Sanders any day of the week.
Up next, the Braised Bean Curd With Crab Meat (蟹肉烩豆腐) comes with 3 pieces of bean curd drenched with thick gravy made of food starch, chopped crab sticks and egg white. The dish is topped with mixed vegetables such as carrots, baby corns and sweet peas. The bean curd is smooth in texture, and the gravy makes it taste even better.
Finally, the Bean Skin Ginseng Chicken Soup (腐竹洋参须炖鸡汤) is infused with Chinese herbs such as American ginseng (花旗参) and wolfberries (枸杞). Bean curd skin is also used to give the soup a richer taste. The amount of chicken is way less than what was advertised. Considering the price tag, I am not too surprised.
Rice is charged at RM1.20 per person, so feel free to have as many helping as your heart desires or stomach allows, whichever comes first.

Since the dishes for the set lunch have been predetermined, food is served quite rapidly as the dishes are prepared upfront. How is that for efficiency?

To summarize, the food is reasonably good and price is definitely very cheap. This set lunch is highly recommended. Take note that this offer is only available for limited time.

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