Sushi King

There is an on-going promotion at Sushi King, where all items on the conveyor belt have the prices knocked 20% off. This offer is only available on weekdays and between 3:00pm and 5:00pm. The reason is obvious: Business is slower during those hours, so Sushi King can clear the conveyor belt in favor of a fresher batch for dinner later.
The Sushi King outlet that I visited today is located at E-Gate. As expected, the place is quite empty during off-peak hours. The variety on the conveyor belt is quite limited too, but I did manage to sample some of the available items.
I started off with the Sugomori Egg Mayo (RM4.00). The base of this dish is made of crispy crackers, giving it the look of a bird's nest. The base is filled with some rice and finally coated with egg mayonnaise.
Next, the Tamago Inari Burger (RM4.00) is the closest thing to a burger using Japanese ingredients. Two pieces of inari (fried bean curd) are used as the "bun", while a piece of tamago (sweet egg) and a kanikama (crabstick) serve as the "patties".
The Crepe Kani Salad (RM4.00) is made of rice served in a thin layer of wheat flour pancake. The rice is topped with some shredded crabsticks, salad cream and fish roe. The dish is quite sweet and delicious due to the toppings.
The next dish from the conveyor belt is the Garden Ball (RM4.00). This dish is essentially a boiled egg fried with a thick layer batter coating. The egg is then cut into halves and the exposed yolk is covered with shredded crabstick and mayonnaise.
The Salmon Roll (RM5.00) plate comes in two pieces. A piece of makizushi (rolled sushi) is topped with raw salmon. While the salmon is quite fresh and juicy, I think the portion is too small to justify the price.
Moving on to the California Maki (RM4.00), this is an Americanized version of rolled sushi. In the middle of the sushi are ingredients such as sweet egg, shredded crabstick and cucumber. Most types of rolled sushi have a layer of nori (seaweed) between the ingredients and rice. The reason is because the vinegar content in the rice can distort the taste of the ingredients, therefore a layer of seaweed keeps them separated until ready to eat.
The Ebi Ten (RM6.00) is a type of nigirizushi (hand-pressed sushi), where the rice is pressed into elongated rectangular shapes by hand, or by machine for the case of larger establishments like Sushi King. Tenpura prawns are fastened on the top using thin strips of seaweed.
For drinks, I had a cup of complimentary Green Tea, which is available free flow (servers will refill empty cups using teapots). It is nice to take a sip of hot green tea once in a while because eating sushi can be thirsty.
For dessert, I had a Melon Ball Sorbet (メロンボールシャーベット, RM6.90). This dessert is packaged in a spherical container, like a watermelon. The winter melon sorbet itself is quite delightful. Its texture is smooth and the dessert gives a soothing effect after a large meal.

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