Taipei 101

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Today, we walked into Taipei 101 again for a quick lunch bite.

One of our food orders is the Taiwanese Pork Rice (台式猪排饭, RM7.50). The pork fillet in this dish is chopped into slices and served with mayonnaise. Honestly, I think the mayonnaise is unnecessary and the pork is better served with sauce instead. The dish also comes with an egg, soup and rice.
Curiosity leads us to order the Lion Head Noodle (狮子头面, RM7.50). The name itself is special, so the dish ought to be special, right? Well, the "lion head" is essentially a large pork meatball, probably 3 centimeters in diameter. According to the menu, the meatball's composition needs to be perfect: 4 parts of lean meat to 1 part of fatty meat. The meatball itself is reasonable in taste, but not too special. This dish is served with noodles and some steamed vegetable.
For drinks, we ordered the Pearl Milk Tea (珍珠奶茶, RM3.50). It is quite watered down and feels like iced water than milk tea.

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