The Oasis

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

During my short trip to Singapore, I stopped by a local food court near the Jurong East MRT station. It is called The Oasis (海京楼), and is one of the many food eateries at the ground level of HDB flats littered throughout Singapore.

I ordered a bowl of Pork Innards Soup (S$4.50), which comes with a bowl of rice. The soup is too salty to be considered tasty. Maybe it is a ploy to entice customers to order more drinks. The amount of pork innards (e.g. liver, stomach etc) and pork meatballs is reasonable if compared dollar-to-ringgit. But the forex conversion rate reflects the high cost of living in Singapore.
I had a glass of Chrysanthemum Tea (S$1.00). With the exception of barley drink, I noticed that supposedly-cooked drinks in Singapore are prepared using powder. I wonder whether it is mass-produced by factories then cheaply distributed to such food eateries?

Nothing much to say about the food here since it is pretty normal. After all, the food in Singapore is nothing alien to Malaysians. I was here more for the convenience.

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