32 Light Street

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

32 Light Street Kopitiam cannot ask for a more fitting name, since this is exactly its address. The café is located next to Green Hall and opposite of the High Court building.
The interior of the café is typical of a traditional Chinese coffee shop. The dining tables and chairs are made of marble, giving the place a nostalgic touch. Such place was perhaps where up-class Chinese merchants congregated during the British colonial days, except that air-conditioners and Wi-Fi did not exist then.
I ordered a plate of Chicken Spaghetti (RM8.90) for lunch today.
The pasta is quite smooth in texture, which indicates that it is boiled just right. The amount is also reasonable for a proper meal.
A generous amount of ground chicken and chicken sausage is served on top the pasta, followed by some celery leaves. The tomato dressing is quite nice as it keeps the pasta moist and easy down the throat.
I wonder why some people dislike celery. To me, celery gives a fresh garden sensation to any dish. I am more than happy to finish it like any other vegetable.
For drinks, I had the Chocolate Milk Shake (RM5.90). The drink has too little milk and too diluted to be considered a milk shake. I consider it more like an iced chocolate drink. Nevertheless, it is nice to consume a cool drink amid of the hot noon-time heat.
To wrap up, 32 Light Street has some reasonable food choices. It probably attracts curious tourists (Light Street is a tourist spot), but it does not stand out substantially compared to other eateries in the vicinity.

Of interesting note, 32 Light Street is located at a stone's throw (literally) from the Logan's Memorial. This marble monument was erected in memory of British lawyer James Logan (1819-1869), a champion of civil rights in the early days of Straits Settlements.

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