Bayan Place

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

For reasons still unknown, business at D'Piazza is quite slow. And if you are a business owner at D'Piazza, the situation is rather grave indeed. Many shops have pulled down their shutters due to lack of customer traffic. One survivor (albeit barely) is Bayan Place.
Bayan Place is something between a Western restaurant and a sports bar. I believe this place is supposed to have live music performances at night, but the small crowd casts some doubt.

For today's lunch, I placed an order for Today's Special (RM12.90). The main course changes daily; today's serving is the Chicken Pasta. The set meal includes a drink and dessert.
The Chicken Pasta is basically fettuccine served with chicken bolognese sauce. A small amount of shredded cheese and celery garnish is added to the otherwise simple dish. Taste wise, the dish tastes a bit dry but still reasonably fair to enjoy. This is credited to the sweet, thick bolognese sauce rich in minced chicken. A slice of garlic bread is included, but it is too tough and chewy - indication that it is not fresh.
For my drink, I have a glass of Iced Lemon Tea.
And for desserts, a cup of Chocolate Ice Cream is served.
I do not see any good reason for Bayan Place to survive for long. It does not have particularly impressive food nor attractive price to attract customers.

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