Georgetown White Coffee

As the name implies, Georgetown White Coffee is a Penang-based café featuring Penang cuisine. Ironically, there is only one outlet in Penang: KOMTAR Walk.
Like OldTown White Coffee, the café projects a nostalgic coffeehouse atmosphere, for example by using marble-top tables and chairs. The theme of the restaurant, external and internal decor, as well as the food are virtually indistinguishable between Georgetown White Coffee and OldTown White Coffee.
Selecting from the signature dish menu, I ordered the Georgetown Curry Special With Rice (乔治市特色咖喱饭, RM9.90).
This meal consists of a bowl of curry and a heap of white rice. A slice of cucumber and tomato are used as garnish.
The curry is the typical type found throughout Penang: rich in santan (coconut milk) and moderately spicy. The curry contains several shrimps, cockles, bean curds, eggplants (brinjals) and long beans. The taste is reasonable by Penang standards, but not all too special either. On the plus side, the amount of ingredients commensurates the higher price charged.
For beverage, I opted for the iced version of Georgetown Heritage White Coffee (乔治市白咖啡, RM4.20). It was not the best idea because coffee goodness (if any) is not pronounced when the drink is served cold. I should have tried the hot version instead to enjoy the aroma. In any case, the cold coffee drink is refreshing for a hot weather but a bit diluted.
Although it seems counter-intuitive initially, Georgetown White Coffee does not fit very well in Penang's F&B niche market. It is not because the food is unpalatable to locals, but rather because same food is easily found all over the state - at significantly lower price. Unless you are a tourist and want to dine somewhere more hygienic, I do not find Georgetown White Coffee attractive enough to warrant regular visits.


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