Hawk Cafe

After an exhausting day touring every inch of Jurong Bird Park, I retired to the Hawk Cafe just outside the main entrance gates.
The food menu at Hawk Cafe looks interesting. Without much hesitation, I selected the Hainanese Chicken Rice (S$8.32) as my late afternoon lunch.
The Steamed Chicken looks glossy and appealing. Taste-wise, the meat is smooth and tender, but I think the amount of fatty skin is excessive. I thought the Singaporean government is particular on healthy food, to the extent of being borderline totalitarian?
The meal also includes a small serving of Steamed Chinese Cabbage. This dish is flavored with oyster sauce and sprinkled with some fried onions. When so much oyster sauce is used, you can imagine how savory the dish tastes.
The Chicken Rice is reasonably tasty because higher-grade rice grains are used.
Also included is a small sauce pan of Garlic Chili Sauce and Dark Sauce. I wonder why the cafe is being so thrifty on the sauces?
Since the aforementioned dishes are dry, the order includes a bowl of Chicken Soup. I am convinced that it is loaded with MSG.
For drinks, I ordered a glass of Rhino Milo (S$3.64). It is essentially identical to Milo Dinosaur, where chocolate powder is added until the mixture is saturated, causing undissolved chocolate to float on top of the drink.
The last food item during my trip to Singapore is the Fruit Cup (S$2.71). Basically, it is just a mixture of yellow watermelon, winter melon, strawberry and pitaya fruit chunks.

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