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Home Recipe Food Corner (家乡味美食馆) is a Chinese eatery on level 3 of Prangin Mall.
The dining section faces the central atrium of the mall. But given the slow decay of Prangin Mall, the view is not all that impressive.
For dinner, I ordered the Chicken Cheese Baked Rice (鸡肉芝士焗饭, RM12.80). For an extra RM4.00, the meal includes a bowl of Mushroom Soup, Iced Lemon Tea and Dessert.
The Chicken Cheese Baked Rice is cooked and served in a hot ceramic bowl. As the surface is layered with cheese, the heating action forms a layer which seals in the moisture of chicken and rice inside.
The chicken is quite savory as its taste is blended with the fried rice and cheese. The molten cheese also gives a nice salty sensation to the dish. However the bowl is shallower than it appears, therefore the food portion is insufficient for a proper meal.

The Mushroom Soup (蘑菇汤) is reasonably creamy but lacks of mushroom flavor. The bread crumbs are not really fresh, therefore does not have the nice crisp that I expected.
The Iced Lemon Tea (柠檬冰茶) is quite plain in taste. The drink is mostly just water and ice.
As for the Dessert (甜品), it is a small saucer of jelly-like cold pudding. I do not really like it as the taste and ingredients feel weird. In my humble opinion, a scoop of ice cream works better.

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