Johnny's Restaurants is a Thai-style steamboat restaurant chain. Our dinner plan is a nice steamboat meal in the Queensbay Mall outlet.
For the steamboat, we ordered the Set A (RM13.90) which comes with 5 pre-determined ingredients.
There are a couple of Tiger Prawns.
Also included are Crab Balls, Fish Balls and a Sea Weed Roll.
Among my favorite are the Oyster Mushrooms and Golden Mushrooms.
Other delicacies are the Fish Noodles and Spinach Noodles.
And to give some sweetness to the soup, the vegetable is Kailan.
The steamboat pot is electrically-powered. I know some people prefer the gas-fired version, but the electrical version is actually faster, more efficient and safer. It also produces less greenhouse emissions (if you care enough to realize).
Before long, the steamboat has come to a boil and ready to be served. The soup broth has natural rich flavor from the Tiger Prawns and other ingredients. However, the portion is insufficient for two persons.
Worth mentioning is the Special Thai Dip Sauce. The sauce goes particularly well with the Crab Balls and Fish Balls.
Since there are two hungry mouths to feed, we ordered an extra plate of Golden Mushroom Rice (RM5.95). The fried rice includes some golden mushroom, but somehow the taste does not strike a chord with us.
For drinks, I had a glass of Yam Milk Shake (RM3.80).
I do not find Johnny's particularly special, but the affordable price means another visit is possible. By that, I mean as a last resort.

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