Mikki Western Food

Mikki Western Food is located at the end of a row of shophouses in Sungai Nibong, on the opposite end of Public Bank. The place is more like a shack than a proper shop, as the grilling station and dining tables are under a canopy extended from the adjacent shop unit.
Mikki Western Food claims to be the "most reasonable price" eatery in town. While I do not believe this claim to be entirely true, the food is quite reasonably priced. This place is is only open at night. It is closed on Wednesdays because the weekly pasar malam (night market) obstructs vehicle access.

The Grilled Marinated Chicken Thigh (RM9.00) is one of our choice today. A decently large piece of chicken thigh is served with brown mushroom sauce, while mashed potatoes and vegetable salad serve as sides.
The chicken is well marinated as evident with its flavorful taste. The thick mushroom sauce is also reasonably good and works well with the chicken.

The other dish that we ordered is the Chicken Cordon Bleu (RM9.50). The cordon bleu is stuffed with turkey ham and cheese, then deep-fried to give a golden crispy crust. Like the previous dish, the Chicken Cordon Bleu is also served with mashed potatoes, vegetable salad and mushroom sauce.
We find the cheesy fillings quite delectable. As the cheese has melted, the interior is a nice meld of chicken, turkey ham and cheesy goodness. The crust is also quite enjoyable; not too dry and good even without the help of mushroom sauce.

We did not pass the opportunity to try the Double Boiled Mushroom Soup (RM4.50) as well. The most appealing aspect is the strong mushroom flavor packed into such a small bowl. The soup really helped to boost out appetite during dinner.
For desserts, we had a serving of Double Scoop Ice Cream (RM2.50). The flavor selected is chocolate. Although the portion is not large, the price is still quite reasonable.
In summary, we enjoyed our dinner at Mikki Western Food. The food is satisfactory and has value for money.

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