Shang Place

Restoran Shang Place (香香小菜馆) is a Chinese restaurant at Krystal Point. The restaurant is quite small; only around 30 people max. The atmosphere is moderately upscale for formal events such as small company dinners.
Besides à la carte orders, Shang Place also has a nice selection of set menu of 4-5 dishes. The price is slightly on the upper end, but at times there are discount promotions at Shang Place that make it a viable choice occasionally.
Today, we went for the Set Dinner (RM38.00) which consists of four dishes excluding rice and drinks.
We started with the Fried Fish In Soy Sauce (油浸鱼). The texture of fish is reasonably rice, while the stir-frying is done well to the point where the surface has a nice crisp without being too soggy with oil. The fish is mildly sweet but a bit plain. Not really a problem because this is precisely where the soy sauce comes in.
The Chicken With Satay Sauce (沙爹鸡扒) is a piece of deboned chicken deep-fried for a light brown appearance. The fillet is then served with satay (peanut) sauce and traditional satay sides: cucumber and onions. This is quite an appetizing dish.
Our next dish is the Bean Curd With Water Chestnut (马蹄豆腐羹). The thick gravy is made from corn-starch and is mildly sweetened. Water chestnut is one of the few types of "vegetables" which remains crunchy even after prolonged cooking. In all, this dish is quite delightful in flavor, but the portion seems lacking.
Finally, the Braised Water Spinach (清炒蕹菜) is the green complement to our dinner. As usual, water spinach is stir-fried lightly to retain its moisture; otherwise the leaves will becomes dry and shrunk. Unlike Malay versions of this vegetable, Shang Place does not use chili pepper in this dish.
Overall, our meal at Shang Place is quite satisfying as the dishes have reasonable quality and generally prepared well. The price is quite affordable as this is a set dinner promotion. The bill total definitely commensurates the food quality and atmosphere here.


  1. never been there b4 but looks good too :)