Strada Caffè

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Situated at the heart of Krystal Point business park is Strada Caffè, a Western casual-dining restaurant. Besides being a restaurant, Strada Caffè is also a place for soccer fans to watch live matches with the comfort of air-conditioning (otherwise a mamak stall serves the same purpose). This is evident with EPL insignia proudly display at the window panels.
How do you prove that you mean business with your coffee? You literally spill the beans!
For my dinner, I had the Caffe Strada's Roast Chicken (RM18.90). The chicken portion is half-bird, so it is quite a filling meal. It comes with some side vegetables. For RM8.00 more, soup and dessert is also served.
The Roast Chicken is quite well-cooked. The skin is roasted to golden perfection, while the meat is tender and juicy. A little sprinkle of pepper makes the taste even better.
Side vegetables include Corn On The Cob, Broccoli, slices of Carrots and a heap of Mashed Potatoes. The steamed vegetables are steamed, therefore they remain juicy and sweet. The Mashed Potato can use more gravy as it is slightly dry.
The Mushroom Soup is quite thick and creamy. The soup also includes small chunks of mushrooms. The only downside of the Mushroom Soup is that the bowl is rather small.
For dessert, a scoop of Yam Ice Cream was served. Nothing much to shout about, as this is just regular Nestlé brand ice cream served from a tub.
For drinks, I had a glass of Cappuccino Frappes (RM8.90). In general, caffeine does not go well with ice, therefore the taste mostly comes from sweetness instead. This is exactly the case. I wish that I have ordered something else instead, like some fruit juice.
Overall, the meal at Strada Caffè is reasonably satisfying, but the price is slightly hefty.

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