Sugar Dynasty

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Located at a tourist-friendly Nagore Place shophouses, Sugar Dynasty (糖朝) is a small dessert shop specializing in Hong Kong-style desserts.
The name is a play on the Chinese word for Tang Dynasty (唐朝), which is phonetically identical.
Sugar Dynasty has over 40 types of desserts, ranging from tangyuan to bird's nest. I think its main selling point is its extensive dessert menu. There is nearly always something for everyone.
The dining section is elongated and seats are quite limited. Fortunately, we arrived earlier, so seating is not a problem.
We ordered a bowl of Barley With Ginkgo Nut (薏米白果腐竹蛋花, RM2.50). This is a warm dessert made from boiling barley grains, bean curd skin and yellow ginkgo nuts. The ingredients are only mildly sweet, so sugar is usually added to make the dessert more appealing. Overall, it is a finely-crafted dessert and we truly enjoyed it.
Besides desserts, Sugar Dynasty also has a decently complete food menu. We decided to give the Fried Lau Shu Fen (炒老鼠粉, RM4.00) a try. The lau shu fen is stir-fried with prawns, Chinese sausage, mushrooms, eggs, spring onions and garlic. Overall, we find the dish reasonably good as the fiery taste is present.
Most food items include a herbal drink, which is Longan Tea (龙眼水) today. As usual, we asked for a hot cup despite the warm weather outside. The drink is just average in terms of flavor.

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