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The Sushi King RM2 Bonanza is back! This promotion is only open to Sushi King membership card holders and entitles members to purchase any item on the kaiten belt for RM2.00. This is limited to certain dishes only and excludes special orders from the menu.
As expected, the crowd is crazy whenever this promotion is held. Fortunately we are wiser this time, so we arrived the e-Gate outlet right when it opens at 11:00am.

Starting with our favorite, the Salmon Roll (RM2.00) is what we consider as Japanese comfort food. This is a classic yet popular nigirizushi where a piece of raw salmon is placed on top of a heap of nigiri rice.
Similarly, the Salmon Belly Roll (RM2.00) uses salmon belly instead as the topping. Salmon belly tends to be fatty and therefore subjectively tastier than flesh from other parts of the salmon.
The CKT Maki (RM2.00) is made from crabstick, cucumber, tamago (egg) surrounded by rice, then topped with a slice of cheddar cheese. Cheese and other dairy products were not used in traditional East Asian cuisine, so their role as ingredients was due to culinary influence from the West.
Next on the list is the Ika Nigiri (RM2.00) or fresh squid. Since the squid is raw, it is best eaten with some wasabi as an anti-bacterial agent and to mask the raw seafood odor.
Served as a nigiri is the Ebi Ten (RM2.00). The Tenpura prawns are held in place with small strips of nori (seaweed).
Similarly, Fried Ebi (RM2.00) is also prepared through deep frying. The batter is thicker, so it has better crisp than the previous dish.
Moving on to Nihotate (RM2.00), this nigirizushi features cooked scallops. It appears that this dish was prepared hastily as the presentation is very bad. Particularly in Japanese cuisine, food presentation is an important aspect in the appeal.
As for the Ebi Gunkan (RM2.00), the cooked prawns are laid over gunkan "boats" made of seaweed, then filled with rice and a layer or egg mayonnaise.
Moving on is the Saba Slice Nigiri (RM2.00). Here, the mackerel is grilled with teriyaki sauce to give it a savory taste.
Likewise, the Unagi Slice Nigiri (RM2.00) uses unagi (freshwater eel) instead. Unagi is one of the more popular fish used in Japanese cuisine.
The Cheese Tobiko (RM2.00) is a gunkanmaki filled with flying fish roe and cheese sauce.
From the menu, we ordered a plate of Chuka Chinmi (RM5.00) or seasoned scallops. This is a cold dish which people either love, or love to hate. I believe I belong to the first category.
Another cold dish which we truly enjoyed is the Chuka Iidako (RM6.00). Baby octopus is seasoned and then served cold.
Obviously a fusion dish, the Garden Ball (RM4.00) is made from boiled egg with shredded crabstick and mayonnaise dressing. The egg is coated with batter and then sent to the deep-frying pan.
Last but not least is the Chigiri Age (RM4.00). Fish cake is coated with batter then deep-fried to give a crispy coating.
For items not from the kaiten belt, the membership card still entitles us to 10% discount.

Overall, we find that the food quality usually drops whenever Sushi King offers such promotions. This is likely due to the large crowd and surge in demand. Therefore, the kitchen staff has to cut corners when preparing the food. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for!

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