Tutti Frutti

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Tutti Frutti Cafe at Tesco Extra (Sungai Dua) remains one of the few reasonable eatery at affordable price.
The place is also modest in appearance. Obviously suitable for family dining.
Set meals are available here. My dinner today is Set F (RM12.90), which consists of Sizzling Lemon Chicken, Mushroom Soup and Mint Ice Cream. I added a glass of Strawberry Yogurt to go with the meal.
The Sizzling Lemon Chicken is served in a hot plate so that the chicken remains sizzling-hot for some time. This dish is also served with a fried egg, a salad side and rice.
The lemon-flavored chicken is certainly a nice delicacy. The meat is soft and flavorful thoroughly.
The salad comes with shredded cabbage coleslaw and a couple of tomato slices.
As for the mushroom soup, the taste is reasonably creamy and loaded with mushroom pieces. The soup is slightly cold; I wish that it is served hot from the pot.
The Mint Ice Cream is a small scoop of mint-flavored ice cream. Nothing to shout about here.
The Strawberry Yogurt (RM8.00) is a refreshing beverage. Slightly sour in taste, the drink certainly opens my appetite during the meal.

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