Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House is an English tea room in Queensbay Mall.
The Victorian-style interior design presents a homely atmosphere. Nearly everything from tea shelves to overhead lamps seem to be decorated deliberately. Of course, one can also make some quick guess on the affordability range here.
During weekdays, there is a set lunch menu with several choices. I selected the Smoked Chicken Waffle (RM17.90) which includes an appetizer, drinks and dessert.
The appetizer is a small plate of Fresh Green Salad. The lettuce leaves are flavored by Thousand Island dressing. Nothing particularly special in terms of taste, but at least the presentation is well done.
Unlike regular waffles sold at food stands, this waffle is filled with minced smoked chicken. The waffle is then garnished with some tomato sauce and diced cucumbers.
Not bad! I didn't know that meat goes well with waffle. Nevertheless, I still prefer the traditional waffle with butter and honey.
For the choice of drinks, I selected the Darjeeling Tea à la posh English-style. The name of this tea refers to the district in India where it originates in. This black tea has a nice floral aroma and mild in terms of taste. Not a bad way to enjoy an afternoon tea break.
The dessert is a small serving of Mango Pudding topped whipped cream and chocolate syrup. The taste of pudding is reasonable but nothing to shout about.
I guess Winter Warmers is a fine place to visit if you truly enjoy English tea. However, I am not in this privileged position to really appreciate it.

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