Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Ah'Basri Asian Satay is one of the popular satay (meat skewer) shops in Penang. Ah'Basri claims to be the best "detoxified satay in town", though I have no idea how the detoxification process works, nor why the satay is toxic in the first place.
I visited the flagship outlet at D'Piazza in Bayan Baru today. The restaurant consists of two floors with a flight of stairway in between. However due to limited traffic at D'Piazza, only the ground floor is open for customers.

My dinner tonight is the Original Lamb Satay Rice Set (RM8.40). This set meat comprises of three lamb skewers, tomato rice, soup and soft drink.
The lamb skewers are really fat and succulent indeed. The mutton has an inexplicable savory marinate which makes it so addictive. In addition, the charcoal-roasting process deposits a flavorful toasty sensation which makes the meat just delightful to my taste buds.
Unlike many satay stalls, the satay at Ah'Basri is not charred by open flame till black. In fact, the meat is not even mildly oily at all. Preparing the food is certainly an art that needs to be mastered till perfection!
The tomato rice is topped with some tomato paste. Although attractive in appearance, the taste of the rice is not very special.
For sides, there are onion rings, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and a lettuce leaf.
The Malay-style soup is loaded with onions. Unfortunately, the soup is quite oily and therefore unappealing to me. It is also saltier than what I am used to consume.
The meal comes with a choice soft drink, which I picked Mirinda Orange.
Ah'Basri is renowned for its succulent satay, but I think the statement ends here. The non-satay items have been disappointing so far. However, it will not be surprising if I drop by again in the near future - not for the entire set meal, but only the lovely satay. There are several exotic type of satay meat (deer, ostrich, horse, prawn, calamari) which I would like to try.

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