Ben's Diner

Ben's Diner is a hidden gem at Sunway Tunas. As though the commercial shops at Sunway Tunas are not deserted enough, Ben's Diner is located at an even more-secluded location. Unless you have the habit of scouring new areas for eateries (like me) or following someone's food blog who does so, Ben's Diner will most likely fly under your radar.
Right inside this Western restaurant (which isn't that spacious), you are greeted with a police motorcycle at the entrance. I guess the restaurant owner (perhaps Mr. "Ben") is likely a motorcycle enthusiast.
Right off the bat, I ordered the Pork Tenderloin (RM19.30) from the food menu. I am not sure why I chose this dish, but the choice seems obvious at the moment. The dish includes a bowl of soup, garlic bread and drink.
Starting with the Mushroom Soup, I find the taste quite delightful. Unlike the usual creamy mushroom soup, the version at Ben's Diner is more flavorful with meat stock of some kind.
The Garlic Bread is made from usual bread slices, which is thinner than what's usually used for garlic bread. Garlic butter is spread on the slices before toasting, giving the bread a buttery kind of taste. However because the bread slices are too thin, the Garlic Bread appears dried up and not as palatable as it should be.
The main course is the Pork Tenderloin, which is pan-fried pork tenderloin braised with red wine.
The pork tenderloin is indeed tender as the name implies. With the precise degree of heating, the natural juices in the meat remain intact without giving an undesirable raw sensation. The red wine sauce served with the pork is flavorful too. It is a pity that the amount is too little; this dish can use more of it.
Other ingredients which accompany the pork tenderloin are baked potatoes, long beans, broccoli and carrots. There is also a small portion of sour cream, which is a brilliant condiment in my opinion.
The drink included in this meal is Lime Juice. The drink contains less ice, therefore is thicker and richer with lime flavor.
As the verdict, I find Ben's Diner to be a hidden gem because of its relatively-unknown status, yet has surprisingly nice food to warrant future visits.