Breeks Cafe

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

The previous visit to Breeks Cafe in Queensbay Mall was highly disappointing. Usually I will pass off this restaurant entirely. But seeing there is a 50% re-opening discount today, I decided to give Breeks Cafe another shot.
Although the restaurant is now "re-opened", the atmosphere feels identical as before.
I ordered a Oven-Baked Half Chicken (RM19.90). Due to the 50% re-opening discount promotion on food items, the actual price is RM9.95.
The chicken is half-bird which is quite sufficient for most people.
The outer layer is roasted with a mild smoky touch. The roast is not too dry, so the first bites are still quite palatable.
Marinate is virtually non-existent as the chicken is almost tasteless under the skin. Some black pepper sauce is provided, but I feel it is meant more for the tasteless inner flesh.

The meal includes oily rice made from chicken stock. Surprisingly the rice is quite nice despite the poor performance of the chicken. In addition, lettuce and tomatoes serve as vegetable garnish.
As for my beverage, I ordered a glass of Iced Cappuccino (RM8.50). The chocolate flavor is rich but I fail to sense any espresso. Perhaps this is the price to pay for iced coffee.
The drink is topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips. The presentation is reasonable but still failed to impress me.

The verdict: Breeks Cafe has some appreciable improvement in food quality since the last visit. However, the dining experience still falls short of a satisfying one.

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