Foong Yean

As far as Cantonese restaurants are concerned, one of the more popular ones in Bayan Baru is Restoran Foong Yean (方源粤菜餐厅) at Jalan Tengah. This restaurant has been operating for over a decade and is still a popular spot for office lunches and family dinners.
Apart from course meals, food is usually ordered à la carte from the menu and quantified by number of portions. We picked two dishes (one portion each) as there are only two of us dining today.
The first dish is the Braised Sea Cucumber With Mushroom (海参一品煲, RM15.00). Served in a claypot, the flavors from various savory ingredients are infused together: sea cucumber (海参), black/shiitake mushrooms (香菇) and dried mussels (蚌). The dish includes some Napa cabbage (大白菜) and sliced garlic to balance and enhance the overall flavor.
The other dish is the Broccoli With Fresh Scallop (西兰花带子, RM15.00). The centerpiece is a light stir-fried mixture of scallops (带子), button mushrooms (洋菇), baby corn, carrots and garlic. This is surrounded by a generous serving of broccoli (西兰花), which is only lightly braised to retain its juicy sweetness.
For drinks, I we ordered some iced Sugar Cane Juice (竹蔗水, RM2.00).
Our overall dining experience at Foong Yean is positive as the taste and food quality are above par. The pricing is slightly on the high side, but this is justifiable considering the quality of ingredients used. Serving speed is reasonably fast; I suspect there are at least two chefs in the kitchen.