Gastronomic Kopitiam

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Through my past visit, I find that Gastronomic Kopitiam Fusion Food offers a number of delightful dishes at reasonable prices.
The dining section is just modest in appearance. Simple tables and plastic chairs are used to keep the cost down.
Potted plant on each table serves to compensate for the lack of glamorous ornaments. Who says you need to spend a lot on interior design?
The meal starts with a bowl of Noodle Soup and Toasted Bread. These are included in the price of main course. I believe the type of soup varies from day to day.
The Noodle Soup is quite salty which not something I like. It uses noodles, though quite common in some countries, is not commonly served here.
My main course today is the Grilled Chicken A'la Indonesia (RM11.90). The portion is quite reasonable for the price.
The chicken is drenched with thick, brownish gravy infused with chopped onions. The gravy is mildly tangy and savory in flavor. The chicken itself is quite tender and delightful, thanks to the light grill from the kitchen.
The crinkle-cut fries are similar to those regular ones available at the frozen section of supermarkets. The commercial cooking method is to cook fries is simply deep-frying, but I prefer to use the baking method to avoid using oil and to give extra crisp.
The chicken dish also includes mixed vegetables such as baby corns, green peas, carrots and sweet corn.
For desserts, the meal includes a serving of Ice Cream which happens to be vanilla flavor today. The dessert is topped with mango-flavored jelly.
For drinks, I ordered a warm glass of Longan (RM1.80).
Overall, my meal at Gastronomic Kopitiam is still quite tasty and affordable. This place is certainly worthwhile to patronize regularly.

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