Station 1 Cafe

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

A shopping trip at Queensbay Mall landed us at Station 1 Cafe, a casual dining restaurant serving fusion food. Our previous dining experience at Station 1 Cafe was so-so, therefore we are not expecting much today.
We started with Mushroom Soup (RM5.90). The soup is sprinkled with dried thyme to give some herbal flavor. Since the soup is quite rich in mushroom taste, it certainly helps to boost our appetite for the main dishes.
The Lamb Chop (RM20.90) contains a good amount of grilled lamb ribs. The meat is reasonably nice and tender, with the right amount of smoky flavor. The mutton is served with some lemon-based gravy, but I think it is not the best sauce for the mutton.
The Lamb Chop dish includes a cup of salad, corn on the cob and potato wedges.
As for the Nasi Lemak Special (RM15.90), this dish contains a piece of chicken cooked in rendang curry. The taste is reasonable, but I was expecting a more substantial portion considering the price.
The presence of luncheon meat just feels out of place. I wonder what's the deal with this?
The tomato rice is reasonably palatable, but I feel it is too dry. Some fried onion is sprinkled on top of the rice to give some flavor and crisp.
The sambal (dried shrimp chili) is quite spicy and I like the use of onions in it. One-half boiled egg and lettuce leaves are also served in this dish.
As for beverage, we ordered a glass of Honey Lemon Tea (RM6.50) and a glass of Honey Lime Juice (RM7.90). The drinks are just normal and definitely overpriced.
We ordered a scoop of Ice Cream (RM3.90) with strawberry flavor. There are also sprinkles of ground peanuts and chocolate chips, plus a cherry to seal the deal. Although the amount looks large, this is just an optical illusion with the clever use of whipped cream.
Once again, our meal at Station 1 Cafe is still unimpressive. The price seems to be higher since our last visit.

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