Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Yipin Restaurant (亿品餐厅) is the sister outlet of Plus 2 Restaurant (加二餐厅) at Sungai Dua. The former is located at Sri Nibong facing away the main road. The secluded location makes Yipin Restaurant relatively unknown compared to its popular counterpart.

We ordered a plate of Braised Bean Curd Rice (焖豆腐烩饭, RM6.50). The bean curds are served in thick oyster sauce infused with flavors from minced meat. The dish comes with rice and one-half of boiled egg. Overall the bean curds are fresh and reasonably tender. The minced meat gravy is also acceptable in taste, although it is slightly saltier than what we desire.
As for the Sweet & Soup Fish Fillet Rice (糖醋鱼片饭, RM6.50), its gravy is on the sweeter end of the spectrum. The fried fish chunks is delightfully tasty, and are stir-fried with some chopped onions for additional pungency. Like the previous dish, the plate comes with white rice and boiled egg.
Each rice dish includes a complementary bowl of soup containing a fish ball and wantan (云吞). The soup is quite plain in taste, but at least the fish ball and wantan have acceptable flavor.
For sides, we ordered a serving Fried Chicken (炸鸡, RM2.30) which comes in two pieces: drumstick and wings. The batter coating is mildly spicy to yield an appetizing effect. The chicken is then deep-fried for a lovely layer of crispy goodness.
Our meal also included a serving of Lobak (卤肉, RM2.30). Although the minced meat filling is reasonably savory, the taste is dominated by the crispy roll made from bean curd skin. The bean curd skin has absorbed too much oil which makes the Lobak starting to feel revolting.
For drinks, each of us had a warm glass of Pat Poh Herbal Tea (八宝凉茶, RM1.40).
Yipin Restaurant has some reasonably nice cooking overall. The price is also quite affordable for a service and air-conditioned eatery. However due to its close proximity to two hawker centers, we are far more likely to opt for cheaper price and more variety if we are visiting this area again.

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