New York Burger Time

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Located at the former Tea Garden's location at Lebuh Union, New York Burger Time is the third outlet of this locally-operated burger joint. The store is also known as New York Pizza, since this business opened its doors as a pizza parlor initially.
The dining area cannot resemble any closer to a typical burger place in New York City: long shoulder-height tables with tall stools. Quite a nice place to hang out, actually.
The menu is rather illustrative. There are sections for burgers, pizzas and side orders. The pricing is similar to other burger establishments in Penang. For today, we opted for the burgers as they look very tempting indeed.
The Brooklyn Brawl (RM15.90) consists of a beef patty and a chicken patty sandwiched between charcoal buns. Between those mouth-watering layers are a slide of molten cheddar cheese and some minced chili beef sauce.
Unlike burgers in some other places, the beef in New York Burger Time is not defiled with unknown fillings, therefore it tastes very rich and satisfying to our palate. The grilling is also done to perfection and retains the natural juices from the meat.
The Big Apple (RM14.90) is also another noteworthy selection. This is the ultimate choice of a true chicken-lover (the flesh, not the bird, mind you). The charcoal buns hold an arsenal of dual chicken patties, dual chicken bacon slides and dual layers of cheese. Yeah, everything in twos. On top of it, cheesy sauce is added to make it a holy grail.
Once again, I cannot emphasize enough how juicy the chicken really is. Using lean, deboned chicken cuttings instead minced chicken meat (the latter can be mixed with mystery meat, the worst kind of atrocity involving a burger), it is grilled carefully to retain the tenderness.
Each order of New York Burger Time's delicious burgers comes with a reasonable helping of fries. For drinks, we had some Iced Lemon Tea (RM2.00 each) to wash down our throats after a gratifying meal.
The pricing at New York Burger Time may be intimidating for some, but I feel that its food portion and quality do good justice to the price tag. The food preparation is slow, but you really have to give credit to the chef for making such wonderful grills!

We will be back soon to try something on the pizza menus. I wonder how charcoal pizzas taste like...

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