CH Dim Sum

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Restoran CH Dim Sum (中华食馆) at Setapak's PV128 commercial center is a culinary treasure. Most of its stir-fried and dim sum dishes are extremely good, yet the price is still quite affordable.

It is winter solstice (冬至) today, so we opted for more proper family dinner: "zyu caau" (煮炒) or stir-fried dishes with rice.

The first dish is the Pork With Salted Fish In Claypot (咸鱼花腩煲, RM22.00). In reality, no claypot is used as the dish is served on a porcelain plate.
The pork is braised with salted fish, onions, dried chili peppers and oyster sauce. CH Dim Sum's chefs have good wok hei (镬气) skills, and this is most prominently demonstrated here. The pork is scorching hot when served, yet remains moist and juicy. The meat is cut into tender bite-size pieces which makes good use of the mouth-watering thick gravy.
The Braised Bean Curd With Seafood (一品鲜豆腐, RM18.00) is served on a small iron skillet. The soft bean curds are infused with delectable flavor from the thick gravy. Other ingredients included in this wonderful dish are shrimps, squid, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers and Chinese cabbages.
Last but not least, the Spicy Brinjal (鱼香茄子, RM13.00) is another wonderful treat. Strips of brinjals (eggplants) are loaded with savory minced pork, then garnished with some scallion (spring onion). The brinjals are braised just right without compromising its soft texture and juiciness. The dish is non-spicy as we requested earlier.
Overall, our meal is rather satisfying to our palates and our wallets. For less than RM70.00, the four of us had a hearty, gratifying dinner. CH Dim Sum remains one of our favorite restaurant for a very good reason.

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