CH Hainan Chicken Rice

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

CH Hainan Chicken Rice (中华海南鸡饭) is the sister restaurant of CH Dim Sum. It is located at Sri Rampai, across the main road from the Immigration Department. Like its sister restaurant, CH Hainan Chicken Rice is one of our favorite restaurants due to good food and affordable pricing. It focuses on chicken rice and related dishes, especially free-range chicken (菜园鸡).
We ordered the Steamed Village Chicken Er Du Rice (菜园鸡二度饭, RM6.00). The centerpiece is a serving of steamed chicken thigh (鸡二度), a plate of chicken rice and soup.
In additional, we also placed an order for the Roasted Chicken Noodle With Char Siew & Crispy Pork Belly (烧鸡双拼面, RM6.50). This set is served with a plate of wantan noodles (云吞面), barbecued pork (叉烧), roasted pork (烧肉) and soup.
The wantan noodles are quite springy in texture. It is served with some Chinese cabbage.
The steamed chicken thigh is smooth in texture. The portion is quite generous too. A sprinkle of fried onions serves to enhance the flavor of the chicken.
The roasted pork is crunchy and delightful. We like how the lean meat works with the crispy skin to bring the taste to an entirely new level.
Likewise, the barbecued pork is commendable too. The cutting of lean meat and fat is just perfect! This allows us to enjoy the sweet marinate and fatty goodness at the same time.
We ordered a bowl of Wanton Soup (云吞汤, RM7.50) which consists of 15 pieces of wantan (云吞). The wantan are filled with shrimp meat, which taste fresh and succulent in our mouths. The dough skin is also reasonably thin such that there is little starchy taste.
Condiments that go well with chicken rice and wantan noodles are Garlic Chili Sauce and Green Chili Pepper. Both condiments are prepared very well.
However, the management of this restaurant leaves much to be desired. Although it is supposed to open at 11:30am, the truth is that the kitchen is only ready around noon. In addition, the restaurant is notorious for having certain dishes out-of-stock for the entire day.
Our meal only costs RM20.00 and is very fulfilling. For good taste and affordable price, do visit CH Hainan Chicken Rice if you are willing to put up with its poor management style.

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