Chips And Chops

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Owing to the abundance of dining choices in Penang, there is rarely a need to return to the same restaurant twice. Chips And Chops Western Food at Jelutong is one exception we made today.
Situated along Jalan Tan Sri Teh Hwe Lim, this restaurant is easy to spot when driving, but parking spaces in front of the shop are very limited. The best bet is to park along the smaller roads behind the row of shops.
Set lunch is available on weekdays. For RM10.00, the meal comes with a bowl of soup, drink and dessert.

Our first choice is the Grilled Fish Garlic Sauce (RM10.00). We like the tenderness of grilled fish, but the brown garlic gravy may be a little overpowering. Slightly less salt is desirable. Nevertheless, the food is still quite enjoyable.
The dish also comes with mashed potatoes, bread and salad. The mashed potatoes is good and works well with the gravy. Perhaps the gravy is meant for the mashed potatoes more than the fish. The salad is also fine and succulent to our palate.
Our second selection is the Foot Long Chicken Sausage (RM10.00). It comes with bread, fries and salad.
The sausage is just mediocre in taste. We were hoping that it is something special, such as cheese-filled. But to our disappointment, it is just a regular chicken sausage made twice as long as usual.
As for the fries, it is on the dry side. We have to douse some tomato ketchup to make up for this deficiency.
The Mushroom Soup is delightfully thick and appetizing. Well done in this area.
As for the drinks, we were served with Iced Peach Tea.
The meal was concluded with Ice Cream as dessert.


  1. Simple style yet cheap. I didn't realize that Penang has a place called Jelutong like in KL.

    1. Do you mean "Bukit Jelutong"? It's in Shah Alam, right? :-)