Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Being an upscale tearoom, Delicious only appears in upscale malls such as Straits Quay. The restaurant faces the sea, therefore it offers us a scenic view while we enjoy our afternoon tea.
The store decor is yuletide-themed as Christmas is approaching. The dining area is quite cozy and suitable for small pastime gatherings.
Our afternoon treat is the Traditional English Afternoon Tea For Two (RM59.90). Served on a triple-tiered stand, the assortment of pastries is very sufficient for two.
Traditionally with a tied stand, food is consumed starting from the top. As each plate is cleared, it is removed to make way for the next layer.
The top tier is a slice of cake of our choice. We selected the Red Velvet Cake because it looks special with the mini macarons on top. Coated with a layer of cream cheese frosting, the cake is three-layered and maroon in color. The texture is slightly soft and buttery, and tastes moderately sweet. The little macarons are quite a delightful treat too.
Placed in the middle layer of the tea set are two Cranberry & Raisin Scones, two Hand-Rolled Chocolate Truffles and two skewers of Fresh Strawberries.
The Cranberry & Raisin Scones are quite flaky and dry, but they go well with Raspberry Preserve & Cream.
We also enjoyed the Hand-Rolled Chocolate Truffles. The rich dark chocolate is coated with fine cocoa powder, giving it mildly bitter yet gratifying aftertaste.
The Fresh Strawberries are mildly sour, but the taste is nullified after coating them with mouth-watering Chocolate dip.
The lowest layer comprises of two pieces of Duck Confit Tartlets and assorted varieties of sandwiches.

The Duck Confit Tartlets are a unique delicacy. Confit is made of duck meat that has been seasoned with salt and herbs, cooked in its own fat, then cooled and preserved for several months. This result in a pungent meaty aroma and strong savory taste.
The sandwiches served are Cream Cheese Sandwiches, Egg Mayo Sandwiches, Salmon Sandwiches and Chicken Mayo Sandwiches. Each type of sandwich is served in pairs. In particular, the Salmon Sandwiches contain thin cuts of smoked salmon and taste exquisite.
For drinks, we had a cup of Long Black Coffee and English Tea. Interestingly, the English have a preference for tea, while Americans are inclined towards coffee.

The Long Black Coffee is not as strong as local black coffee. It also carries the type of bitterness that I do not enjoy as much as the latter's.
For the English Tea, there is a choice of several flavors. We picked the Earl Grey, a type of black tea with nice flowery scent and freshness.
Overall, the meal is very gratifying indeed. For the price tag, we do not expect anything less. The waiting service is courteous, but a bit inattentive at times.

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