Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Kindori Japanese Ice Cream (キンドリ) is an ice cream stall in the new wing of Gurney Plaza. At Kindori, its ice cream is blended with fruits upon order, giving it a fresher taste over pre-blended ice cream. In addition, this preparation eliminates the use of food conditioners and preservatives.
The counter has a wide selection of fruit selections to choose from, such as pineapples, bananas, grapes, jackfruits, mangoes, passion fruits etc. There are 30 types of fruits listed on the menu, but some are unavailable during our visit. One can also request for up to 3 fruits in a single blend. To the mathematically savvy folks, assuming there are 30 fruits available, there are 4,525 way to customize your ice cream flavor.
There are two ways to enjoy Kindori's ice cream: cone or cup. We ordered one of each just to feel how each tastes like.

Mix 3 In 1 Cone (RM10.90) is served on a cool-looking cone holder. The ice cream is a blend of bananas, pineapples and passion fruits, giving it a mildly yellowish appearance. The ice cream is held in a waffle cone which does not become soggy from moisture of the ice cream.
The ice cream in the Mix 3 In 1 Cup (RM9.90) is blended with mangoes, grapes and pineapples. The result is an ice cream with stronger yellowish hue. The dessert is also served with a piece of waffle biscuit, similar in texture to the waffle cone.
In both servings, the ice cream is smooth in texture except for occasional fruit bits, giving it a pleasantly fresh sensation. The fruity flavors are mild and nice, especially when infused with the cold, milky taste of the ice cream. However, the menu is a bit pricey considering the amount served. We wish that the portion is larger so that we can truly enjoy it.

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