Michi Seafood

There are many hidden eateries in KL which are only known among locals, or the most dedicated foodies who manage to extract such intelligence from locals.

Our dinner tonight is at a secluded Chinese stir-frying (煮炒) establishment in Setapak Garden, called Restoran Michi Seafood (美之海鲜). We did not order any seafood dishes. Instead, we opted for something "lighter": noodle dishes. Well. perhaps I mean lighter in terms of price.
There are two chefs at Michi Seafood who are responsible to handle the continuous flow of customers. The sound of clanging woks adds to the bustling atmosphere of this bustling eatery. In fact, the place is almost fully seated by 7:00pm.

Our first dish is the KL-style Hokkien Mee (福建面, RM12.00). The portion is quite sufficient for 2 persons. The mere sight of thick dark sauce and fat yellow noodles really strikes a chord with our appetite. The taste is quite good indeed. By using quick high flame and tossing the ingredients rapidly, the highly-desired "wok hei" (镬气) essence is imparted to the dish.
As for the 2-person serving of Wat Tan Ho (滑蛋河, RM12.00), it is still decent although not so impressive by KL standards. The flat noodles are drenched in a thick gravy made from corn starch and eggs. Actually, I think there is more gravy than necessary. The pork pieces are a bit tough, not as tender as we hoped to see.
Our dinner at Michi Seafood is quite affordable. A mere bill of RM24.00 is sufficient to satisfy the stomachs of 3 hungry adults.

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