New Zealand Natural

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

New Zealand Natural is an ice cream joint in several shopping malls such as Sunway Pyramid, which is where we visited today. There are several types of ice cream flavors available, available in forms of sundae or cones. Besides ice cream, the menu also offers smoothies and juices choices.
Currently, there is RM2.00 discount for all selections of smoothies and juices. We picked the Green Fields (RM8.90) for only RM6.90. Made of freshly-blended celery and green apples, the drink is greenish in color. It tastes slightly sourish due to the malic acid in green apples. The texture is foamy because the fruits were freshly blended, not filtered through a sieve to give smoother consistency.
According to New Zealand Natural, this drink detoxifies the body and reduces (harmful) cholesterol. Actually, the same health benefit is obtained from eating the fresh fruit directly. Besides, fruit juice has less dietary fiber and vitamin contents (especially Vitamin C) due to exposure to air.

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