Osmanthus's Hong Kong Desserts

The intersection of Macalister Road and New Lane (Lorong Baru) is a popular spot for night-time street food. This hawker center actually consists of several adjacent shops that lease stall space to individual hawkers. One of these shops is Osmanthus's Hong Kong Desserts Ramen Congee House (杜记香港甜品粥面之家) located diagonally across Sunway Hotel.
Like any fine dining establishments, boasting about your press coverage is advantageous, especially if most of your customers are from out-of-town.
The menu is illustrated with pictures and is easy to order from. On this matter, I prefer menus that have some kind of "Specialty" or "Chef Recommended" remarks to help customers narrow down the choice.
Since I only have enough stomach space for desserts, I skipped the food menu and selected the Groundnut Soup With Ball (花生仁汤汤圆, RM4.60). The soup base is made of viscous sweetened peanut paste. I like the butter-like rich texture of the soup.
This dessert contains one large white tangyuan filled with peanut paste (花生馅), one large green tangyuan filled with black sesame paste (芝麻馅), and several smaller unfilled tangyuan balls. I must say that the fillings are very nice, especially the black sesame paste.
This dessert shop is a good recommendation if you have visiting guests. The price is also reasonable considering that it is located downtown.

I will probably return soon to try some items on the food menu, such as congee and ramen. Hopefully the food is as good as the desserts.