Is the Qbean outlet in Queensbay Mall closed already? Fret not, it merely moved to the LG level, right between Bar B Q Plaza and Chatime. Since it occupies a larger store space, Qbean recently introduced a more extensive food menu which includes porridge.
There is a combo meal comprising of a bowl of Soy Porridge (RM4.90) and cup of Soy Milk (RM2.70). This combo set is quite sufficient for a light meal and available for only RM5.90. Quite a good deal for a location like Queensbay Mall.
The Soy Porridge is quite special. The watery composition is actually soy milk. This gives the porridge a smooth, rich texture. This innovative porridge is not easily found elsewhere.
Suspended on the Soy Porridge are condiments that make the dish even more appetizing: salted eggs, fried shallots and scallion. The amount of salted eggs is ideal to give the perfect level of saltiness to the porridge.
The Soy Milk comes with a choice of white sugar or Gula Melaka (palm sugar). I picked the latter because the former is commonly available. Although the drink is served warm, it is also available as iced. However, I feel that chilled soy milk is best enjoyed warm. Since this is Qbean's bread and butter, I am not surprised that the Soy Milk is milky rich in flavor and silky smooth in composition.

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