Secret Recipe

Penang's latest Secret Recipe outlet is located at All Seasons Place in Farlim.
Secret Recipe currently offers Lunch Time set meat for RM17.00. All three meal choices are spaghetti-based; the only difference lies in the type of sauce or ingredient.
My lunch choice today is Set B, which is Spaghetti Napoli With Crumble Shrimp Rolls. The drink is Iced Lemon Tea.
The Spaghetti Napoli With Crumble Shrimp Rolls is a plate of spaghetti pasta topped with Neapolitan ragù sauce, a mixture of minced meat and tomato sauce. The pasta is also served with three shrimp-flavored balls.
My initial impression of Secret Recipe is its cakes only. Therefore, I am pleasantly surprised to find how well the pasta turned out. The spaghetti is boiled to the right softness. The meat sauce is creamy and savory, especially with the grated cheese. The shrimp-flavored balls are mildly-sweet and very appetizing.
As for the Iced Lemon Tea, it is too sweet in my opinion. Nevertheless, it is quite refreshing as a slice of lemon is included.
A common cliché when dining at Secret Recipe is to have a slice of cake, which is exactly what I did. For today, I decided to try a slice of White Chocolate Macadamia (RM7.50).
The outermost layer is coated with a creamy layer of white chocolate cream. Tucked inside are several rich layers of cake, loaded with white chocolate and sporadic pieces of macadamia nut chips. This is certainly a nice cake to die for.
The waiting service is friendly and attentive. It appears that Secret Recipe hires a good waiting crew.

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