Super Hokkien Mee

One way to tell whether a food stall is popular, is by observing how fast it sells out for the day. While this crude approach can sometimes be misleading (e.g. poor planning or sheer laziness), it still gives a rough idea how well the business is doing.

Now, beware that popular does not necessarily imply good. One man's meat is another man's poison. And to be gender-equal, the word "man" should be replaced with "person".

In terms of Hokkien Mee (a.k.a. Prawn Mee outside Penang), one of the most popular choice is the Super Hokkien Mee (云来福建面) stall in One Corner Cafe (和喜茶室). One Corner Cafe is a hawker center at the perpendicular corner of Jalan Bawasah, just behind Penang Plaza.
Just how popular the Super Hokkien Mee stall is?

The stall opens at 7:30am, but be prepared to be disappointed if you place your order after 8:00am! In fact, you may need to wait for a grueling hour even if you manage to secure a "precious" bowl. While waiting, buy a newspaper to read, or bring a pillow if you have not emerged from your slumber.
Fortunately during my visit, the meal was prepared in 15 minutes. Not too bad, considering the owner's warning that the waiting time can an hour due to a "massive order" just now. I think she is just trying to exploit the Law of Scarcity. It doesn't always work on me!

Now, let's dig into the Hokkien Mee (福建面, RM5.00), shall we?

The bowl of Hokkien Mee is reasonably large for breakfast, and the amount ingredients of ingredients is quite reasonable too. But this explains the hefty price tag of RM5.00 for a medium bowl.
By default, both rice vermicelli (米粉) and yellow noodles (黄面) are used. I usually prefer the former because it really absorbs the taste of prawn broth. But a mixture is good too. Additional chili paste is served separately in a spoon, so you can adjust the spiciness according to your preference. My advice is to use the entire spoonful and give yourself a pat on the shoulder.
The quality of ingredients is reasonably good. The prawns are sliced into halves to add more flavor to the broth. The pork slices are quite tender and delightful to chew on. Fried garlic is a definite must-have in Hokkien Mee, as the garlic gives a distinctive aroma and aftertaste to this dish.
The prawn broth is very rich and flavorful. The degree of spiciness is moderate to my tongue, but it may be overwhelming to those who have lower tolerance. The broth is prepared by boiling prawns down to a thick consistency, so you are be sure that it has a strong savory taste which makes you want to lick the bowl down to the last drop.
Is it worth the trip this Super Hokkien Mee stall? It really depends on perspective. Personally, I think the potentially long wait makes it a bit overrated. I think it is fine to give it a try at least once in your lifetime, or perhaps every 5,730 years if you live long enough. I would rather go explore other wonderful gastronomic experiences that Penang has to offer.


  1. F this place.. rude people plenty of other amazing hokkien mee places with no bs waits. Highly overrated.

    1. Why don't you share your favorite stall? :-)