Wei Ji Claypot Chicken Rice

Another local favorite among Setapak Garden residents is the Wei Ji Claypot Chicken Rice (韦吉瓦煲鸡饭) stall. This eatery is almost unknown to outsiders because it is located at a secluded alley and has no signboards. Nevertheless, the healthy volume of customers during dinnertime is more than sufficient to keep the business thriving.
The eatery has a simple outwardly feel as it is the front porch of a residential house. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Therefore, we understand that affordability takes precedence over atmosphere.
Obviously, the specialty here is the titular Claypot Chicken Rice (瓦煲鸡饭). The dishes are priced based on the portion: 1-person for RM6.00, 2-persons for RM12.00. The claypots used are identical nevertheless.
The fragrance of chicken rice is pleasant to nasal sensors. The tongue cannot agree more as the taste is also very impressive. Infused with the best essence of chicken, the rice has a savory flavor and is a delicacy by itself.
The claypot meal includes generous amount of chicken chunks and Chinese sausages (腊肠). These are not "unwanted" chicken parts like neck or feet. Instead, these are succulent pieces of chicken breasts and thighs. A sprinkle with scallion (spring onion) adds a fresh sensation to the exceptional infusion of chicken goodness.
A dry dish should be accompanied with something watery. The Lotus Root & Peanut Soup (莲藕花生汤, RM5.00) is the best candidate for the job.
It is a pleasant surprise that there is much more to the soup than just "soup". The bowl has plenty of lotus roots, chicken feet and pork innards. The mild sweet and salty taste of the soup gives another level of enjoyment to our dinner.
Wei Ji Claypot Chicken Rice may not win medals in claypot chicken competitions (assuming are such events). Nevertheless, the delectable taste and cheap price (by KL standards) makes this business establishment a down-to-earth eatery in the vicinity.

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