Ah Po

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Many restaurants at Sunway Tunas have come and gone. A recent opening is Ah Po (阿婆), an eatery serving a handful of noodle dishes.
We took advantage of the new opening deal for RM9.90. This set meal consists of a bowl of noodle of choice, chee cheong fun and drink.
As recommended, we ordered a bowl of the house-special Ah Po White Soup Fish (阿婆白汤鱼片). The type of noodles can be selected; we opted for bihun (米粉). As for the fish, there is a choice of either steamed fish (鲜鱼) or fried fish (炸鱼); we went for the former. Other ingredients are fish balls and crab sticks.
The fish chunks are reasonable in terms of taste. The broth is supposed to be rich in milk, which gives the soup a whitish color. However, we feel that the soup's content is not milky enough. In fact, the flavor is quite similar to normal clear soup.

The other noodle dish is the Ah Po Drunken Prawn Soup (阿婆醉酒虾), where we went for the mee (黄面). The ingredients are mostly similar to the previous dish except that prawns are used in lieu of fish, and the broth has some wine added.
The prawns are quite fresh and sweet in taste. Other ingredients are mostly fine too. However, the alcohol content is too low that we can hardly taste any wine. If this dish is meant to have some wine content, we prefer the amount to be much higher.
For the chee cheong fun, we ordered one of each: Ah Po Chee Cheong Fun (阿婆猪肠粉) and Ah Po Curry Chee Cheong Fun (阿婆咖哩猪肠粉). The only difference is that the latter is slightly spicy.
Unlike normal chee cheong fun which relies heavily on shrimp paste for flavor, the ones at Ah Po uses minced meat and sliced mushrooms instead. Not a bad choice for a change.
However, the sauces in both variants are quite dilute and fail to give a impressionable taste. Perhaps the sauces should be made thicker and more flavorful with minced meat.
As for drinks, we had the Ah Po Red Bean Blended (阿婆红豆沙). We requested for less ice, but the amount looks pretty standard.
On a positive note, the staff is quite friendly and knows the right way to serve. He asked if this is our first visit. Then, he introduced the specialties on the menu and gave some useful recommendations. This is the correct way to do business.

Believe it or not, there are some incidents where I asked "What is nice?" and I got a response "Everything is nice." How is this useful information?
As we were leaving, we noticed that the Chinese New Year songs on the background is coming from this musical box disguised as a mini sewing machine.

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