Coffee Bean

Despite the fact that Straits Quay recently imposed parking fees, it still remains a viable place to hang out on weekends because the parking garage only costs RM1.00 per entry.

My destination for this relaxing afternoon is The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf near the main entrance of Straits Quay. In fact, Coffee Bean is the only store at this section of the mall.
My sugar-laced poison today is the Double Chocolate Peppermint Ice Blended (RM18.80). This is a seasonal drink only available around Christmas.
Using dark chocolate as its base, this is a nice non-caffeinated beverage (not exactly true because cocoa also contains trace amounts of caffeine) to enjoy during the festival of Nativity. The ice-blended beverage is also given a fresh hint of peppermint for a holly-jolly delight.
The atmosphere at Coffee Bean is quite relaxing. Light Christmas carols contribute to a nice atmosphere to the store.


  1. Haven't been to Straits Quay for quite some time.

    1. It's a nice place especially if you want to avoid large crowds like in Gurney Plaza. :-)

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